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September 2016

2016 AACDP Leadership Award

Stuart Munro, MD

AACDP Leadership Award

Dr. Gregory Dalack presenting the 2016 AACDP Leadership Award to Dr. Stuart Munro

Dr. Gregory Dalack receiving the Presidential Award for 2016 from Dr. Ondria Gleason

May 2016

2016 AACDP Presidential Award for Distinguished Scientific Achievement

Daniel R. Weinberger, MD

Dr. Gregory W. Dalack, AACDP president with Dr. Weinberger, Presidential Awardee Recipient



Graduate Medical Education Summary for AADPRT, AACDP, AADMSEP

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May 2014

Inaugural AACDP Presidential Award for Distinguished Scientific Achievement

Eric R. Kandel, MD

Dr. Paul Summergrad and Dr Eric Kandel

Dr Eric Kandel

Inaugural Presidential Award for Distinguished Scientific Achievement
Eric R. Kandel, MDUniversity Professor & Kavli Professor of Brain Science
Kavli Institute for Brain Science
Co-director, The Mind Brain Behavior Initiative



Dan Winstead, MD—Inaugural Recipient, AACDP Leadership Award

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Academic Psychiatry Announcement

Dear Colleagues:

I am delighted to announce that our journal, Academic Psychiatry, will be published by Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, beginning in January of 2014. With this transition, I wish to express my deepest thanks to our old friends at the American Psychiatric Press — our wonderful partner of many years - and to our new friends at Springer who are working with us to take the journal to an international platform and a far-wider readership. This milestone was achieved through the great efforts over many months of our Governance Board — Michael Jibson, Janis Cutler, Carlos Pato, Sheldon Benjamin, and Bruce Levy.



The APA/AACDP Research Mentorship Award

The APA/AACDP Research Mentorship Award is a joint award of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Association of Chairs of Departments of Psychiatry. It is given in recognition of substantial and formative contributions to the mentoring of students and residents throughout a distinguished career in psychiatric research.

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The APA/AACDP Research Mentorship Award

Request for Submissions

This award is a jointly sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Association of Chairs of Departments of Psychiatry. The award honors an academic psychiatrist who has fostered the pursuit of student research in a significant manner within his/her university department. Though most nominees will have substantial experience in the direct mentorship of individual students, nominees who have promoted novel research-oriented training activities within a department or residency program will also be considered. The award consists of an inscribed plaque and a $1,500 honorarium, presented at the APA Annual Meeting.

Only one nomination from any department will be considered. Candidates for the award need not be limited to senior, well-established candidates; innovativeness and dedication will be honored at any academic level. Nominees must be members of APA.

Applications should include a brief statement highlighting the basis for the nomination, the nominee’s CV, and a list of the nominee’s mentees.

Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2014.

For more information regarding nomination materials, please visit: contact Harold Goldstein, Ph.D., by email, or at 703/907-8623.

Harold Goldstein, Ph.D.
Director, Program Evaluation and Special Projects
American Psychiatric Institute for Research and Education
American Psychiatric Association
1000 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1825
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: (703) 907-8623
Fax: (703) 907-1087



Graduate Medical Education Update September 2012

This is the latest of periodic updates I have been sending out regarding Graduate Medical Education funding issues.

Politics and the Federal Budget Proposed GME reductions/changes The AADPRT/ADMSEP/APA Task Force on GME Reductions

What is happening on the GME funding front lately? Not very much. Actually, it is certain that nothing will happen until the election is decided. Then, things should heat up likely in the lame duck session of Congress. First I will discuss some of the political issues pushing us toward something happening in GME, then examine some of the proposed legislation that gives us some idea what might happen.

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