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AACDP president’s message

Mark H. Rapaport, M.D

Mark H. Rapaport, M.D.

Dear Colleagues:

Chairs of Departments of Psychiatry are in a unique position of responsibility.

We are the only individuals responsible for all aspects of the academic mission: Clinical care, training, research, as well as advocacy. We must advocate not only for our patients but also for our faculty, trainees and the future of our field. You are all intelligent, hardworking, and extremely focused individuals who ascended to positions of leadership in your institution. It is time we, as an organization, band together and take advantage of our strengths in order to influence our field.

Our initial plan is to publish the newsletter at least twice a year. We will also be

sending out regular information on the material on our list serve. The intent is to inform you of breaking national and international events. In many cases there will be an opportunity for you as a leader in your institution both to weigh-in and help AACDP and shape policy as well as advocate for departments of psychiatry and the field. I want to thank the wonderful leadership of our outgoing President of the AACDP, Ondria Gleason and Paul Summergrad as a Past President and the tremendous guidance that our Executive Committee gives our organization. I look forward to an exciting year for our organization.

Mark H. Rapaport, M.D.
President, AACDP


Why join AACDP?

  • No one understands the opportunities and challenges of conducting research, providing leading edge clinical care, and educating the next generation like we do.
  • We provide orientation sessions for new chairs, a networking session for female chairs and a workshop for associate members (associate & vice chairs).
  • AACDP meetings are a great opportunity to network with colleagues who understand and share the challenges you face.
  • Leadership training and peer mentoring for you and for your rising leaders in your department who can now join (with your support) as Associate Members.
  • AACDP supports advocacy efforts: for example, AACDP helped get APPI to reduce fees for use of SCID-5 for academic institutions/training-research activities
  • AACDP hosts and facilitates active discussions about future of psychiatry, integrated care, healthcare reform